Developing with ANTLR

Starting with version 2.0.1, Expression Evaluator gets a boost in stability and capability with the ANTLR-based tokenizer and parser. The use of ANTLR allows development to focus on implementing C# language features.

Parsing rules are encoded in a grammar file (.g3). All tools needed to compile the grammar file into the parser code are included in the ANTLR branch.

Due to the way ANTLR v3 works, some logic is embedded in the grammar file. To extend Expression Evaluator's capabilities, you may need to modify this file.

ANTLR is not in the scope of this documentation. For further information I recommend going here for the tools needed and here for a sample on how to get started with ANTLR v3.

If you want to edit the g3 grammar file in Visual Studio make sure to download the ANTLR extension

Note that

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