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finger trouble - using library

Feb 20, 2016 at 10:29 AM
just tried to use nuget 2.0.4 version, but I'm having difficulty compiling simple test cases in vs. Its going to be something trivial Ive done wrong. I separately downloaded sources & its test cases they work perfectly.

my errors (removed all but essential lines):
using ExpressionEvaluator;

var nv1 = new NV("n1","1");         
var reg = new TypeRegistry();
reg.RegisterType("nv1", nv1);   

// Argument 2: cannot convert from 'Helpers.Evaluator.NV' to 'System.Type'

var v = new Vars() { myDoubleVar = 1234.5678 };
var ce = new CompiledExpression()
    StringToParse = "(vars.myDoubleVar / 4 * 3) + (vars.myDoubleVar / (2 + 5))"
ce.RegisterType("vars", v);  

// 'CompiledExpression' does not contain a definition for 'RegisterType' 
    and no extension method 'RegisterType' accepting a first argument of type 'CompiledExpression' 
    could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)    
Any assistance would be gratefully received.